When one punches both eyes of another person and gives the victim 2 black eyes; causing the victim to have a strong facial resemblance of the panda.
I caught my girl cheating on me, so I grabbed sancho and beat the living hell out of him, and finished by knocking him out by punching the spleen, sprinkling birdseed and honey all over him, dragging his naked body onto a crowded street before finishing off his punk arse with a nice set of panda eyes. That'll teach him not to cheat again.
by edw007 September 20, 2007
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a coolidiculous term for a white male who has black make-up around his eyes, thus resembling a panda.
if your gf turns you into a panda-eyes f-sag, just laugh it off, and let her a bit of fun.
by Sexydimma September 9, 2014
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The white tan-line left around your eyes from where you were sunbathing whilst wearing sunglasses.
Ha look at him! He's been sunbathing with them glasses all day and he's gone and got inverted panda's eyes
by mortified0ne1 April 13, 2011
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a) Eyes to which a large amount of dark eyeliner has been applied. Often seen on goth chicks.

a) When a person has prominent bags under the eyes.
I have panda bear eyes and a hangover.
by null device February 19, 2007
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