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Area Code: 850

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Panama City is a city located along U.S. Highway 98 in Bay County, Florida. It is the largest city between Pensacola, Florida and Tallahassee, Florida. As of the 2000 census, the city population was 36,417; by 2004, the city's population had grown to 37,079, according to Census Bureau estimates. It is the county seat of Bay CountyGR6 and is located just east of the vacation destination Panama City Beach.

My Definition;

Place of many rednecks and too many drugs. Lots of skanks live here. & Spring Break is outrageous. Too many Spring breakers who think it's okay to liter on OUR beach. FUCK YOU.
Hey man. I just moved to Panama City. & DAYUM! There are so many sluts here.
by Leahkay May 13, 2007

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A Rich Man That Some Girl Uses For His Money.
Example 1...
Girl 1: Girl i want these shoes!
*looks at price tag... $250*
Girl 2: Well honey you needa suga daddy to buy them for you!
by Leahkay May 13, 2007

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The area code of Panama City && Panama City Beach (PCB). Also Known As, Panama Shitty. Only good thing goin for it; Spring Break.

I live, Where You Party.

Featured on MTV as well. Myspace even came lol. No joke.
Example 1;
Leah To Cousin Brittney In Iowa.
L: "Hey girl. You comin to the 850 for spring break?"
B: "Hell yeah chick, we're gonna be doin it big."

Example 2;
Random Guy To Leah
RG: "Hey guh. Where you from?"
L: "Bitch, i be reppin the 850"
by Leahkay May 13, 2007

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