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Panagakis is of a Greek origin.

Anyone with the surname Panagakis is usually a person of great beauty and intelligence.
They are also a very caring and a friend and family orientated person, also extremely generous. Panagakis's always put others before themselves and hate to be in any kind of argument/disagreement. They are usually the peace maker.

They fall in love hard and fast, and it takes a lot for them to forget a love. They often get heartbroken but the amazing friends they have always help to get them back on their feet.

Panagakis's are very excitable and can have pretty horrific tempers/mood swings.

They hate offices and anything boring or common. They like to be challenged and look for new adventures.

Panagakis familys are not fat and hairy like the stereotypical Greek, they are handsome/pretty and have strong but elegant features.
Wow, he's so caring and friendly! He's definitely a Panagakis!
by lovelylittlegirlie April 11, 2011
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