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When you are licking a person's asshole and you blow air into his or her anus, resulting in a long fart.
"I shot a quick pan flute up her ass and she blasted it back in my face."
by Bigger Spoon July 28, 2017
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1) ancient music instrument that consists of usually ten or more stopped pipes of different (mostly escalating) lengths.

2) less commonly the base of a flowchart on toothpaste for dinner. simply put, you don't need one.
do you need one / no you don't / no panflute.
by davidg May 19, 2006
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When a group of men line their penises up in a row and someone blows across them like the playing of a pan flute
For our bachelor party sarah gave me and the guys a pan flute
by Quackass June 14, 2018
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