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If the goin' gets tough, quit your job (even if your the governor of a state), write a book on "how to quit your job when the goin' gets tough", earn rock-star status because you can spread the bullshit with the best of 'em, kill animals on film for pay, watch the Russians from your front porch.
The Palin Effect is unlike any other in modern American life—neither Anna Nicole Smith nor Margaret Chase Smith but a phenomenon all her own. The clouds of tabloid conflict and controversy that swirl around her and her extended clan—the surprise pregnancies, the two-bit blood feuds, the tawdry in-laws and common-law kin caught selling drugs or poaching game—give her family a singular status in the rogues’ gallery of political relatives. By comparison, Billy Carter, Donald Nixon, and Roger Clinton seem like avatars of circumspection.
by Lector Blackraven January 22, 2011
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