A term used to express what a load of hassle a task or experience is/was. Usually used when quite pissed off or on verge of giving up. Also used when remembering a stressfull experience or shit time.
Girl 1: Can you go upstairs and get my blanket?
Girl 2: yeh sure.
(comes back down)
Girl 1: whats this?
Girl 2: your Pillow.
Girl 1: No my blanket hello you fucking doofus.
(Girl 2 goes up, returns soon after)
Girl 2: Here you are...

Girl 2: Your matress.
Girl 1: What a fucking palava!!!!
by Palavalife April 12, 2011
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A Nigerian slang that signifies Trouble or commotion. It can also be used when there is altercation amongst people.
This thing can lead to serious Palava

It took the council of elders to settle the Palava
by 99loran November 20, 2022
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A style of dance introduced c2018. Specifically it is performed to the song "Sexual" by Zara Larrson.
OMG its Sexual we should break out a cheeky Palava
by HughG December 31, 2019
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Palava sauce is a Ghanaian vegetable stew made from Nkontomire (cocoyam leaves) or spinach leaves and and Akatoa (melon seeds) with tomato, hot peppers, onions, other spices, fish, seafood and meat base. Palava sauce is mostly eaten with rice or ampesie (boiled starchy roots like yams, cassava, kooko/taro or plantains) in Ghana. Palava sauce stew is also eaten in other West African countries like Liberia and also known as Egusi soup in Nigeria and Cameroon.
I am eating ampesie and rice with Palava sauce.
by Awura Adwoa February 11, 2021
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