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A major brand of cymbals, Paiste's sound has crafted some of today's most popular music, including Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Slipknot, AC/DC, etc. The typical Paiste sound, or "Signature" sound is a bright, full, powerful sounnd, and a much more European sound that Zildjian or Sabian. There is a distinct difference in sound between Zildjian and Paiste. Example: Listen to a typical Korn song or Chevelle song (Paiste), then listen to a Velvet Revolver or, my favorite to distinguish the differences, a recently made Metallica song (Zildjian). Most people agree that Paiste's sound quite a bit better than Zildjian, though they are quite a bit more expensive, and therefore less popular than Zildjians.
*insert bright, strong crash sound here*-Good example of Paiste

*insert slightly dark, slightly trashy, well-pronounced crash sound here*-Good example of Zildjian
by Clat-Clat October 10, 2005
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Made in Switzerland and Germany, the world's finest drum cymbals.
"Those are Paiste 2002 high hat cymbals you hear Phil Rudd play on Back In Black"
by Wakangli April 20, 2017
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The sensation which occurs when one rubs a scalded tongue against said persons roof of the mouth.
The taste of pain one might conclude.
Guy 1: I scalded my tongue yesterday on a cup of coffee.

Guy 2: That sucks, but at least now you can feel paiste again.
by Olivernius November 18, 2013
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