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1) Padparadscha is a delicate, light to medium toned, pink-orange to orange-pink hued corundum, originally found in Sri Lanka, but also found in deposits in Vietnam and parts of East Africa. Padparadscha sapphires are rare; the rarest of all is the totally natural variety, with no sign of artificial treatment.
Natural padparadscha sapphires often draw higher prices than many of even the finest blue sapphires. Recently, more sapphires of this color have appeared on the market as a result of a new artificial treatment method called "lattice diffusion".

2) A Character from SU (Steven Universe) which is a Gem with a very similar appearance to Sapphire. She is short, roughly the same height as Steven. She has a peachy orange complexion, plump lips, and shoulder length, deep peach hair, with bangs covering her eye and a cowlick on top of her head. Her attire consists of a beige, dull red, and light orange floor-length gown, with a beige collar, shoulder pads, and elbow-length gloves. The skirt is a dull light orange, and it has a reddish upper layer with an off-white trim and is tied back into a bow, as well as a flower-like design. Her gemstone is located on the back of her right hand.
I predict, Padparadscha will appear in SU! What a suprise!
by FurretLover August 12, 2017
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