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Patriot Scientific (OTC Bulletin Board: PTSC) is an Intellectual Property (IP) licensing company that develops, markets and enables innovative proprietary technologies. The core of Patriot Scientific's IP is covered by its patent portfolio that encompasses fundamental microprocessor design technology for applications such as: Wireless devices, Smart cards, Home appliances and gateways Set-top boxes, Entertainment technology, Automotive telematics, Biomedical devices, Industrial controllers, Aviation applications, and more.

The core microprocessor technology breakthroughs in Patriot Scientific's patent portfolio are believed to appear in virtually every microprocessor manufactured since 1995, and are included in products manufactured and marketed by companies around the world. A joint-venture marketing alliance manages the patent portfolio license negotiations, permitting Patriot Scientific to focus on strategic initiatives to maximize shareholder value. See:
Patriot Scientific was given the abbreviation PTSC to use on the stock market. PTSC is located in Southern California, USA. See
by Jim_Bo April 16, 2007
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Short for "preteen softcore", an acronym commonly used on P2P networks (compare with "PTHC", similarly referring to "preteen hardcore".) Regardless of whatever some sick, twisted bastard might think, downloading and sharing Softcore child pornography is no less redeemable then Hardcore child porn. It's all the same sick, twisted shit that paedophiles give acronyms such as these to in order to avoid having their disturbed shit filtered out by the standard filename keywords (e.g., "celeb", "amateur", "80-year old paedophile’s who should've been put down at birth, etc)
Limewire user: *searches for Simpsons episodes*
Limewire: *lists several various entries displaying "REAL PTSC"!!
User: "PTSC? What the hell does that stand for? I guess it must be Simpsons-related, as it *did* show up in my search."
*downloads and looks, only to be horrified by the sick shit displayed onscreen*
User: "AAARGGH!! Pffgh, what the f-...?!" *is both disgusted, horrified and worried he could be charged for possession of Child Pornography*
by Alhadis October 24, 2005
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