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Stands for Parent-Teacher Student Association. A Parent-Teacher Student Association is a voluntary organization bringing together parents and teachers of pupils in a particular school or school district, usually for fund-raising, building parental involvement at school and other activities relating to the welfare of the school, rather than the progress of individual pupils.
Vince: My mom's gonna sign up for the PTSA.

Derk: Why?

Vince: Because she wants to get to know my teachers better and get involved in my school.

Derk: That sucks.
by Fahed August 15, 2007
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Acronym for "Put that shit away." Commonly used when someone brings a topic or physical object into a conversation in which is not necessary to have and is bothering the person who is saying "PTSA."
Lola: Hey Andre, what's up?
Andre: Nothing much, just smoked some weed.
Lola: Ohh.. Uhmmm...
Andre: Look I have some left over if you want it! (gets illegal drugs out of pocket)
Lola: Ew man! PTSA, ferreal.
by Jellifyshh December 03, 2009
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