John:Yo,Mike let's go to the strip joint.I feel like getting a lap dance tonight.

Mike:Don't need to I got 4 hookers and a PSP in my van.
by NONENONENONE December 09, 2006
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Short for Poop Stupid Portable. It was supposed to be PPP, or Poop Poop Poop, but an idiot at Sony slammed his head into the keyboard and accidentally hit the "s" instead of the "p." While in the E3 chat room revealing their latest portable.

Too bad.
by Peter Griffin December 27, 2004
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stands for Pink Slimy Pussy.
Hey guys, check out my PSP!!! *pervs jumped out of nowhere smashing their faces while licking agressively*
by Jinggoy Estrada Jr. April 10, 2006
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A $250 piece of plastic that was never intended to play games. It has a faulty square button that sticks into the system and lots and lots of dead-pixels. You have to have at least 10% dead-pixels in order to return it and get your money back. It has a short battery-life and you have to pay $25 more just to watch a DVD on it that you already own. Adored by Sony Fan-gender-non-specific-people because it has overly bright graphics and can do fifty-million things that don't really matter that your computer already does for you better and without having to be charged regularly. 100 times less fun than a PS1, PS2, or DS.
Boy: Hey, my PSP has tons of dead-pixels!
Retailer: Hmmmm... let's see. Oh, sorry. It has 9% dead-pixels. It has to have at least 10% dead-pixels in order to return it for you money back.

Girl: Hey! My PSP's square button won't come out after I pushed it!
President of Sony: Hey, it's designed to look good, not to play games. If you bought it for playing games, you might as well just get one of those PS1s with the attachable screen.

Man: Ha! This PSP RULES! Let me pop in Ape Escape! Hey! Why is this not as fun anymore? Oh yeah! That's because there's no frickin' analog sticks!

Woman: Wow... ports of games with worse graphics.... Fun....
Hermaphrodite: I'm so glad I got a DS! With my savings, I bought 3 more games! TAKE THAT, BEE-YOTCH!!!
by GenericGina September 21, 2005
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Sony's handheld gaming device, the PlayStation Portable. Unfairly put on the same playing field as the Nintendo DS.

The PSP is a fairly good, albeit expensive, portable gaming system. The graphics quality is quite good, the LCD screen is simply beautiful and the games are getting better.

Huge LCD screen
Great games coming out
Adaptablity -it can play music, you can watch videos, play games, get RSS feeds, connect to any wireless hotspot, and more-
Feels solid without being heavy
Pretty much idiotproof.

Battery life can be a bit irritating at times; having the battery die while you are, say, in the car driving through Montana at 4 in the morning is most unappreciated. The battery lasts about 3-6 hours depending on the graphics of the game; however the battery life can be significantly lengthened by lowering the sound.

According to many people, it scratches easily although I've had mine since launch and only have one scratch.

It requires more care than many people want to give it: it must be kept in its case while not played, screen protectors are a necessity lest the beautiful field of LCD goodness be marred, it absolutely must not be dropped, etc.

The analog nub is placed the best it could be, but for those of us with longer fingers it gets a bit painful after a while.

The PSP is often unfairly compared to the Nintendo DS. The PSP is intended to deliver a wide range of services moderately well to an older audience, whereas the DS can be given to an average 5-year old and survive. The PSP is a more sophisticated, precise piece of hardware and also had to come out on the market earlier than SONY would have liked due to pressures for the release. The PSP is SONY's first handheld system and is pretty damn good all things considered. What killed its potential as an even-field competitor to the DS was pricing, but in the end it's worth it.

People often put unfair demands on their PSP; it is not intended to replace your laptop, mp3 player, DVD player or whatever other gaming systems you have at home. I use my PSP to play music and it does that fine. The layout isn't ideal for an mp3 player, but it works.

There is an odd quality to many DS vs PSP debates in that someone is either the hugest fan or despises the console with all their heart. One either composes romantic haiku for the PSP or sneaks up in the dead of night with a beaker of poison. One is either engaged to their DS, or would like to see the lot of them thrown in to a pit of scalding vegetable oil. Few people can see the middle ground.


by Dr. Moreau May 08, 2006
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Paintball Sports Promotions

A competitive league for paintball.

See also NPPL.
Tom: Yeah, our team totally owned at the PSP finals.
Tom's Friend: Dude. We have rentals. Actually, today is my first day of play. Don't lie to the man.
by Alex Faircloth October 12, 2005
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The best portable device ever made period.
Person 1: Haha I can play GBA games on my DS and you can't on your PSP
Person 2: Actually, yes I can as well as NES, SNES, N64, PS1, GB, GBC, and many other games too!
by Justingraziano July 18, 2008
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