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Sony PSP - Sony PlayStation Portable
A portable media center made by Sony, playing games on a high resolution screen, plays music, watched videos and browses the web. Games link with an Ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection or to the Internet with an Infrastructure connection. 128-bit resolution, over 16.77 million colors. Uses UMD's as media disc, stores up to 1.8 GB. Uses Memory stick DUO's as main storage medium.
Nintendo DS - Nintendo Dual Screen
a game playing device, which has a touch screen. Wireless game linking, built in Mic, and pictochat (a pictorial version on MSN messenger). Uses chips as 'game cartages'. Has a 64-bit screen, about 200,000 colors

The presentation - The Sony PSP has an amazing face plate. when it first comes out of the box, it will blow your mind. It is very susceptible to fingerprints, smudges, etc. These are easily cleaned off with a soft cloth supplied with the system. The DS has a heavy duty plastic folding design. Brand new, it will look stunning. After a while, the paint will easily chip off and after a year or two, it will look like a McDonald's toy. The touch screen till collect an unusual residue over time, and it will be impossible to clean off due to a ridge around the touch screen. The presentation has to go to the PSP

Graphics - No competition here. PSP's graphics look just as (if not better) than when the PS2's originally came out. It has 16.77 million colors and the high resolution screen makes movies seem like they were in HD. The DS has a 2 screens being 18 bit, just over 200,000 colors. Once again, the PSP takes this one.

Innovation - The PSP has no real innovations other than it is a portable TV and PS2 in one. The DS on the other hand is great in this section. The Mic is great, instead of having to but a $30 one like for the PSP, it is built in. However it is only used in certain games. The touch screen is also great. It adds depth to games, allowing you to actually, for example, start a fire using your own strength, rather than pressing a button to do it. One Downfall is that most games will only use the Touch screen for maps, rendering it useless for most games. Also, most games are aimed at using only one control type, touch screen or D-Pad. Few games have utilized both, making it seem pointless to have both. the mic also has a poor quality recording, but it is great that it is there. This one has to go to the DS.

Portability - The PSP's Dimensions are roughly 170 mm (L) x 74 mm (W) x 23 mm (D) (289524 mm cubed), weighing in at 260 grams with the battery. The DS is about 85mm long x 150mm wide x 29mm tall (369750 mm cubed), weighing in at 275 grams. The PSP has a smaller volume, and is lighter. The PSP takes portability.

Features - The DS has its Pictochat and (now) Wi-Fi. That's about it. Not only that, Pictochat is only good for about…30 feet. If a person is 30 feet away, just WALK to them…and, you know….talk? I mean 30 feet away is still in your vison. The PSP has lots of audio support, MP4 and AVC video support, JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF and TIFF image support, and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity. Plays UMD's and plays music and video from its Memory Stick Duo. Once again, PSP is obviously better here.

Games - Though some of the PSP's games are ports from PS2, not only are they flawlessly done; the PSP's original games are awesome. Most of the ported games are ones that are portable worthy anyways. Controls and game play are well done and so is the character design. The one flaw it has is that RTS games and shooters are somewhat hard to control. The DS on the other hand has all of one good game... Nintendogs. All the other games are bland ports of old N64 or SNES games. If not that, just redone N64 or SNES games. Most of the games ported are of ones that there are newer and better ones of on the NGC. They have the one screen as a map or an info space, and the other is game play. Though it may seem better, it is far more difficult to see than a HUD. Few games use both screens, making it seem pointless, since it’s like playing GBA games on 2 screens rather than one. The only really good thing is that the touch screen is SOMETIMES used to work an FPS or a RTS game. The PSP takes games.

Overall - This is hands down owned by Sony's PSP. Better presentation, graphics, portability, features and games. There’s no competition to it.

Just so you know, it may sound bias, but it's all true, Sony kicked Nintendo’s ass in one try. If you are going to compare the PSP to things, first try comparing things to the PSP. For example the iPod

iPod - Pros: great music, now has video, pictures
Cons - no games, no Internet, no data transfer to other iPods

The PSP is a great system that is like an iPod, DS, and a PMP all rolled into one. If you were to take your PMP, iPod and DS with you, you would fill up pretty much all of your pockets. The PSP is so much crammed into a little package. So before you start bashing the PSP on the fact that the audio is not as good as the iPod, or that the games are all ports, thing of the fact that it can even be compared to these once great giants.
In a competition of PSP vs. DS, the PSP owns!
by Mr Wong January 14, 2006
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