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A removable flash memory card for such devices as digital cameras, laptops, the Sony PlayStation Portable, to aid assistance in holding music, games, photos, videos, ect.

File storage sizes range from 32 MB storage to 32 GB.
Guy 1: Check out my 32 MB memory stick!
Guy 2: Check out MY 32 GB memory stick!
Guy 1: ...You're an ass...
by RawrItsPanda November 07, 2009
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The penile remains, whether whole or incomplete, of a trans-gender individual.
I was trying to pick that girl up last night...until I noticed her memory stick.
by yoquindas January 30, 2010
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when you use your finger on your girl friend ... and you get some stank on it and later on you get a whiff when it gets near your nose
I used my memory stick at work so I couild remember my woman and what she did for me that morning .
by prepster69 November 01, 2008
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