Picture Or It Don't Exist. When someone is explaining something they are doing online and another person wants evidence that said action is actually being performed.
User1: I am eating a delicious hamburger
User2: POIDE
User1: (Photo of hamburger)
by Totes Wild December 03, 2014
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A person who carries themself with the air of a twat, or tool; a person who is a nerd
Paulito is an absolute poid
by WigzDogg September 30, 2009
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Vagina, but an awesome name for it.
Waiter: "Can I take your order?"

Customer: "What are the specials?"

Waiter: "Well, there's the hot poid, with a side of lightly toasted cack."

Customer: "That sounds delightful - I'll take it!"
by Seannifer Gray December 14, 2003
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