"Post Nap Headache". This is when one wakes up from a nap and has a terrible headhache
Jason: How was your nap?
Bryce: Terrible! and now I have a PNH
Jason: Damn I fucking hate those!
by Chuck Noisewater November 11, 2010
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An abbreviation for "Post Nap Hair", or "Post Nap Hurr" if you're from my hood. When you wake up from a nap, your hair is srsly fucked up. Your boyfriend/girlfriend might think it's really cute, but you can't trust them because you know it's fucked up.

PNH does not actually require sleep. It also occurs after srsly good sex or a night of hard partying.
Them: Did you just wake up?
You: Why?
Them: 'Cause you got some serious PNH.

You: Goddamnit.
by Becky's BFF April 05, 2011
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