An Abbreviation for "Psycho Lesbian" used to describe a bad reaction to a situation
Person one " I slept with Stephanies Boyfriend last night"
Person Two " Oh Fuck, if she finds out she is going to go PL on your ass"
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Abbreviation for "Pathetic Loser." Most commonly used to describe strip clubs patrons because they have to pay to see ass.
When I rolled to the strip club last night there were about 10 dancers and 15 PL's.
by Speaks4 May 05, 2005
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an abbreviation some people use for the word "please". similar to "plz" or "pls".
Pl send me an email today.
by Ariaxxx June 18, 2011
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It is when a gay person or straight person takes a hold of a penis, and proceeds to take its tongue and lick the penis.
"Your Gay friend gets more P.L. then I do"
by Poolgurl August 11, 2006
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Practically Laughing.

Almost laughing, a step below an LOL.
Jack549: Dude, did you hear the one about the Rabbi and the Fish?
Joan447: PL. Yeah, it was ok.
by Kyle Osborne August 10, 2007
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