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Acronym for: "Preview Is My Friend."

It is seen in blog comments when a commentator notices a mistake in one of their previous posts and attempts to correct said mistake.

It is a lighthearted mea culpa.
#7 Getalife: "This site blows! It is nothing but an echo chamber. Besides, no one cares about your opinion except for you! (And, honestly, why should they)?

Come on sheeple, the clock is ticking, and NOTHING that is said or done HERE will make a bit of difference in the real world. Seriously, you need to get a real jb and get a life!"


(Intermediate comments are posted.)


#16 Getalife: "RE: #7--'Seriously, you need to get a real JOB and get a life!"

by (I am) John Doe May 14, 2009
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Please Ignore My F***up. As in SNAFU, the (F) is reader assigned. Posting in blog comments or non-editable forums, sometimes perfectionists (or just anal people) will add a post correcting a typo that slipped through preveously, then add PIMF.
make that "previously"
by mark marshall November 13, 2004
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