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Standing for Pre-Fap-Stress-Disorder.. Refers to when a person usually male feels the extreme need or desire to masturbate.

Guy 1: hey man why were you acting like that earlier?

Guy 2: sorry dude i had a bad case of PFSD. I used your bathroom to correct the problem.
by themetal02 August 10, 2012
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Post Football Season Depression

A condition one suffers after the Superbowl. This condition usually last until August. It may also force one to watch sports they would not normally watch. There is no known cure, but alcohol has been known to make the symptoms tolerable.
Hey man what's with the bowling? I am suffering form PFSD man..looks like I will have it until at least August...
by tmgwhodat February 08, 2010
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Post-Feminism Stress Disorder; a severe mental condition which most commonly affects conservatives against the teachings of modern feminism and its effects on society
My girlfriend is being a feminist bitch and getting upset over every little thing. She's never satisfied and wants to break up with me over something that's her fault. I hate feminism. It's driving me crazy. I think I might have PFSD.
by bambitheslug December 23, 2011
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