What you yell dramatically when you summon your persona. Most likely unnecessary but do it anyway.

Originates from the Persona games.
Player: PERSONA!
*persona comes out to fight demons*
by TiminatorOzwaz May 30, 2013
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A spirit-like entity used to kill demons and fight shadows; obtained by accepting your shadow, shaking hands with a god diguised as a gas station attendant, forming from rebillion in the hearts, and shooting yourself in the fucking head. From the spinoff of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. Developed by Atlus
Guy: “ I shot myself in the head and got a persona!”

Girl: “ Well I shook hands with a god diguised as gas station attendant to get my persona!”

Guy 2: “Well I accepted my shadow to get my persona!”

Girl 2: “ Well, mine just formed out of the rebillion in my heart.”
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A facade of your collective personality unleashed by shooting yourself in the fucking head.
Dude, check out my persona! *BANG*
by DarkClownNizzo March 16, 2008
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Persona is one of the best video game series made by Atlus. It includes, good times, meaningful friendships, amazing storywriting, negotiating with demons, and seeing some perv in Pink Underwear, depending on which of the Persona games you play. Play it. Now.
P.S. You can date people
Just get it. Get a Persona game. NOW.

Futaba Sakura Best Girl
by GreaseAndOil April 27, 2018
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The role or facade that one assumes or displays in public or society; one's public image or personality, as distinguished from the inner self.
While (genericnamehere) was only a 15 year old high-school nerd, his online persona was an 18 year old harley enthusiast, complete with leather jacket, doo-rag, chrome shades, and matching attitude.
by Mobius November 21, 2004
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The thing you yell while either a) tearing a fucking mask off your face b) pointing a fake gun at your head c) crushing a card....
by Trevorr778 October 8, 2020
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Persona: A social identity, which may be false or true, that anyone, but especially a public figure, celebrity, or entertainment figure, can adopt to attract attention, get a few laughs and have fun. As distinct from the inner self. Also, a film directed by Ingmar Bergman that highlights the brooding, predatory nature of the human psyche; featuring a big spider in a cameo role.
Examples of Celebrities with a larger than life Persona or even an Anti-Persona Persona: Marie Antoinette, Paris Hilton, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, P.T. Barnum
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