-Where were you all this time?
-Some PC Plod arrested me for throwing a cigarette in the street.
by Golan February 17, 2005
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Originates from the children's TV show 'Noddy' in which there was a character called PC Plod, who was a policeman.
"Stub out the J mate, PC Plod's round the corner."
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 8, 2005
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When you get in a PC's car, and smash them so hard they start the sirens and the whole car shakes, whilst people watch and try to get in on the PC Plod action, usually through handjobs or feet tickling
You know that Noddy bloke, he right proper fucked PC Plod, he gave her a ripped Anus and everything, Even Big ears Joined in doing the Dirty PC Plod
by Ugg boy November 27, 2020
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When the girl you are having sex with is a PC and you bang on the front wheel, whilst the sirens are off, making a loud noise and making people watch you rail their guts out
Noddy jus did a Dirty PC Plod, Big ears looked horrified, threw up all over dat mans Little Mushroom
by Ugg boy November 26, 2020
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