When two people go really, really well together, like peanut butter and jam. They are almost always in love and are like each other's foil: a person who complements another person and highlights the best parts of each other's personality. Thick as thieves. Partners in crime. Hand in hand. Copesetic.
"Did you see Amelia and her man the other day? Hella wicked! Those two are like PB n J!"
by Raspberry Jam/The Great Magoo February 21, 2010
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While a man is engaging in sexual intercourse with a female who is in a 69 with another female and when the male is about to ejaculate he pulls out and the other girl gives him a BJ and swallows/ receives a facial.

aka P B n Jay

past tense P B n Jayed
Andrew: Hey Emanuel, I P.B n Jayed some hos last night.

Emanuel: Dude me too...

Andrew: Nice

Emanuel: Indeed

by Andr3w A July 24, 2008
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" Pushin boards in New Jersey" started by a group of skaters in morristown, NJ, puts a name to all NJ shredders. PbNJ is involved in many different action sports, specifically skateboarding and snowboarding.
gotta represent that PbNJ
by pbnjallday January 30, 2011
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a code word for used by little boys talk about pornography without their parents or elders knowing
" that PB n J was good "
by ak harry March 05, 2005
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the act of slathering one's male genetalia with peanut butter in order to ellicit oral sex from furry animals (most often househod pets.)

it's an arcronym.
"dude your out of peanut butter!...why's your dog looking so logy?"
" oh, we've been PB n J-ing it all weekend."
by starn studio November 04, 2005
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a secret way of saying porn infront a someone without them knowing. ( such as your parents)
" yo man lets go get some pb n j."
by ak harry March 18, 2005
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