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A song from the game Dance Dance Revolution (a.k.a. DDR) that is widely ignored. It first appeared in DDR Extreme and reaches a maximum BPM of 270. It is easier, slightly slower, and decidedly much less popular than similar-sounding PARANOiA Survivor Max (also see PSM and PSM Oni), which also debuted on Extreme.
PARANOiA Survivor is one of the hardest songs in DDR history!
by TheBaldOneMpls June 22, 2004
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Paranoia Survivor is a boss song in the game Dance Dance Revolution. The chart starts off ok, there are jumps, freeze arrows, crossovers, stuff you would expect in a DDR Stepchart, but near the end, the song starts to get kinda hard, I mean, it's like you are cutting your legs off and throwing them on the arrows. That point is when a lot of players start to mess up. Other than the hard stepchart, the song sounds really good, and it's a lot better than most of the songs on DDR Extreme.
New Player: What's this, I unlocked Paranoia Survivor? Better play it!
Experienced Player:You do realize you are playing one of the hardest songs on this version of DDR, Right?
by Chianticat10 November 06, 2017
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