A song from the game Dance Dance Revolution (a.k.a. DDR) that is widely ignored. It first appeared in DDR Extreme and reaches a maximum BPM of 270. It is easier, slightly slower, and decidedly much less popular than similar-sounding PARANOiA Survivor Max (also see PSM and PSM Oni), which also debuted on Extreme.
PARANOiA Survivor is one of the hardest songs in DDR history!
by TheBaldOneMpls June 23, 2004
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a remix of the song "paranoia" which first appear in the first mix of dance dance revolution, a popular dancing video game. this song clocks in at 290 beats per minute (BPM) and made its first appearance in DDR's 8th mix, also known as extreme. the set of steps on the "challenge" difficulty make up the absolute hardest song to ever appear on any of the eight mixes.
by eric September 25, 2003
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Is a very difficult song in DDR Extreme. It has 290 BPM. It's too fast.
by Samurai Katsu September 15, 2003
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Commonly known as PSMO. It is the single hardest song that has ever been seen in an arcade release of DanceDanceRevolution. This song makes its appearance in DDR Extreme, and is the Challenge steps to PARANOiA survivor MAX. The difficulty of this song is to the max in every category, save for perhaps Chaos (the song is relatively streamed). The day when a player achieves an A on this song is usually the pinnacle of his (or her) DDR career.
"It took me 2 years to beat PSMO, but I did it!"
by GuyMonkey October 24, 2004
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