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Stands for Persian-Jewish American Princess. PJAP's are known for being overly bitchy, getting whatever they want whenever they want, wearing expensive clothing and jewelry, and participants in attention whoring, much like the more well-known Ashkenazi JAPs from Manhattan. Most of them have parents who left Iran after the revolution in 1979 and will most likely support US-Israeli-lead regime change in Iran. Can be found in Beverly Hills as well as many other places in West LA, the Fairfax District, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Encino, Tarzana, and all over the campuses of UCLA and CSUN.
Jasmin is a real P.J.A.P. She demanded her boyfriend spend $1000 on their first date!

Liora the P.J.A.P. always remembers to make sure that the prices of the clothes and jewelry she buys far exceed the prices of the clothing of her friends.

Roxana is a huge P.J.A.P. as she is a bitch to everyone she knows.
by nineotwooneo July 08, 2009
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Acronym meaning "Persian Jewish American Princess". All of the qualities of the traditional J.A.P., but the Persian Jewish kind, not the Ashkenazi ones from the Northeast. Located predominantly in Tehrangeles.
Venus is a P.J.A.P, she's a major brat and a fat drama queen.
by brokarim March 13, 2009
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