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A very beautiful girl. Very hard to find, but once found; makes life all the better. You'll probably never meet a Liora in your life, but if you do; you'll be glad you did. She loves to party, and gets horny when you make out with her. All Liora's are unique and will GET WHAT THEY WANT OUT OF A GUY. She forces sex. Mostly all Liora's are sexy, but can be shy. They may look all innocent and sweet, but if you get on their bad side, be prepared to get knocked the fuck out. *Warning* They can go from sweetie-pie to bitch in a second if they have to.
by baaby`girl.xo September 05, 2008
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a crazy wild chica with no limits, Synonym: DANGER
liora was on fire last night at the pearl. She never stopped dancing with that fine dude.
by sabsteragain November 19, 2007
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