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popular Turkish name- meaning free- gaining more and more popularity. Non gender specific.

Ozgur will be independent, but also enjoy being taken care of by the one he/she chooses- never force your affection. Could also be interested in science. A person with this name will most likely have a Mediterranean background and be sexy as all get up-- very attractive, quite intelligent, creative and imaginative. In other words, the whole package.

Since Ozgur can be male or female- you never know just by the name- the one thing you can be sure of is you will find quality with an Ozgur. But, watch out- at times, they can be shameless- curiosity getting the better of them. Which can be a good and bad thing. Acquiring nicknames from those who have affection for them are quite common for an Ozgur- such as Oz. Physically fit and strong.
Hot Damn!! Who is that?

That is Ozgur. He is working on his Masters in biomedical engineering. He is also a talented painter. People usually call him Oz.
by Bluebirdofhappiness February 04, 2010
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That friend that always has a short temper and gets tilted any game with a small vocabulary of words in his arsenal like "WET" "VIRGIN" "BALANCED" even though he is just bad
"your such a ozgur like how could you be so bad!"
by isot June 08, 2019
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Ozgur is a gentleman, he likes his friends. It is not possible to not be friends with him. He always helps his friends. It is not possible to love him.
Can someone tell ozgur he is a really nice person
by Dlakam April 23, 2019
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