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A mysterious energy that has power over nature and human fortunes. So far it communicates only with Graenolf. If harnessed, it is believed to grant ultimate power.

False acronyms are sometimes created to make sense of the word, but the act is in vain.
I am on a journey to unlock the hidden knowledge of Oyfum and empower my mind, body, and spirit.
by Graenolf March 08, 2020
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
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noun, adjective, verb

The action of oyfuming - to do the oyfum - to oyfum - to be an oyfum - to oyfum something
Dude: Do you ever just... Oyfum
Dude 2: The fuck is an oyfum
by Smegging Hell May 24, 2018
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That mysterious energy the grants ultimate power that until recently only communicated with Graenolf but has begun also communicating with TheWizard, which Salty Sam can attest to.
You do not yet know the power of Oyfum... but you will.
by _TheWizard November 17, 2020
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