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A really sweet and charming guy. He can be shy at times, but once he opens up it is really cute. He is really funny and is a great friend. He brings up your sports, and makes you happy even when you feel the most low. He can be annoying at times, but it’s still really adorable. Find ur self a Owyn✌️😂
Person- “Whoaa who is that”
Bryce-“Supreme Patty
Person-“Nope, probably a Owyn”
by Bahahahsisjsisnei January 08, 2018
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1. Owyn a derivative of the name Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh leader who sought to unite Wales and end English domination. Because of this, the name has come to mean, Peace maker; born of nobility( also Greek)

Its Celtic, Irish, and Welsh meaning is: young fighter or young warrior. Other Variations include: Owain, Owayne, Owin, Owen, Owan, Owenna, Owynna, Ewen, Ewan

2. Owyn is a rare find, who once found is not easily forgotten. She is the one to settle fights and bring opposing sides to peace. A true friend to all. However, her strong sense of justice and unwavering standards driver her to fight her battles like an unyielding tempest. Even so, Owyn shows great temperance when attacked; eventually winning even the hearts of her enemies. These traits show true leadership, a true noblewoman.
Her lineage shows that she is Owyn. (born of nobility)

She is an Owyn in training. (as in def. young warrior)

It is such a privilege to have a real Owyn. (example of a rare find not easily forgotten)
by vowel_cymru February 01, 2010
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An Owyn is a very nice cunning man. He is freakishly handsome and very strong. He is the most amazing person in the world and is a great problem solver. He is also extremely smart and can solve many problems. He also is kinda a tech nerd and knows a ton about the subject. He gets along with people, although he is shy. If you ever get an Owyn hold on to him and never let go. (Unless he puts a fucking restraining order on you.) and keep him by your side.

Owyns get along with Brookes, Tristyns, Laylas, Haleys, and tons more.
Girl: Did you see Owyn at that party?
Girl2: Ya, I wish he was my boyfriend
by Hotgirlsucc urdick May 10, 2019
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An owyn is a person who appears nice at first but once you can get to know them they turn out horrible and become liars. They’re also petty, annoying, and can ruin lives. Never trust an owyn.
Oh look there’s owyn... I wouldn’t trust him if I was you!
by Ell123456789 May 03, 2018
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