Not a follower, someone who is able to act on his own behalf, without fear of someone not liking
James use to be his own man, now he just dick rides Shawn and agrees with everything he says. It's like he's scared to defend himself whenever Shawn calls him a bitchh hahha
by original April 30, 2015
Someone who only looks out for themselves, would quite happily cut someone out of a deal if it was to their advantage, even if it was a close friend. Wouldn't share in any fortune or luck that came to them.
He was his own man last night, he totally ditched us!
by JaysonB August 20, 2011
let me go find your own man. Sis
find your own man
by unicorn1235664 November 2, 2019
Ejaculate, preferably spread out over a large area. If diet is taken into consideration, you may get a variety of flavors, from pineapple to asparagus. Not necessarily linked to tossing salad, but that will probably result in dressing on the side.
By the time they finished, he was sore all over and her cherry tomatoes were covered in nude man's own dressing.
by svils March 5, 2008
A male gold-digger who is at the disposal of a wealthy, female, sexual partner, and afforded the luxuries of her wealth, but confined to her expectations for his looks, attitude, and acquaintances.
Mary bought Kevin a house with a pool and told him he can't hang out with us anymore; he's an owned man.
by PenisDiderot September 18, 2021