2 definitions by PenisDiderot

A male gold-digger who is at the disposal of a wealthy, female, sexual partner, and afforded the luxuries of her wealth, but confined to her expectations for his looks, attitude, and acquaintances.
Mary bought Kevin a house with a pool and told him he can't hang out with us anymore; he's an owned man.
by PenisDiderot September 18, 2021
Brandon Melton is dark character. He could be a wise, ancient philosopher, but he was reborn in the modern era with a chip on his shoulder. Brandon Melton has something to prove. He desires world domination because he knows that he knows best. He prefers to speak in colorful, poetic verse. He is a man who is always burning with quiet ambition, and his derrière is sometimes called the ninth wonders of the world.
I could have sworn Brandon Melton was the leader of a cult. . .
by PenisDiderot January 6, 2021