The most sweetest guy that one can come across in life. It’s not his outlook that tends to attract people, it’s his uniqueness and simplicity. If you have never fallen for anyone in your life before, then honestly you will fall for this guy for his subtle ways. An all rounder in everything. He is the most cutest thing ever!
“Owin” is that special person in your life ♥️
by ~Can’t be tamed~ February 10, 2018
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He is a backstabber who tries to steal your girlfriends
Whatch out for that Owin!
by Jashton4321098765 August 09, 2017
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When a Example:Owine fucks a swine it means a kid named Example:Owine has anal sex with a pig after hypocritically accuses someone of masturbating a dog
Guy 1: Man Example: Owine fucks swines right?
Guy 2: what did Example: Owine do to you?
Guy 1: said I jerk off dogs the thick-head.
by therandomguyontheinternet35463 December 05, 2019
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The act of fucking your managers dogs when helping around their property.
"i hear he's a Dirty Owin, he fucks the bosses dog" "gross"
by howey stern August 16, 2021
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