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Oweos: Of and pertaining to, balls, nuts, cajones. Being bold almost to the point of stupidity.
That guy's got some hellacious oweos to attempt to jump the grand canyon...again.
by JOHNDX September 05, 2008
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Basically the word "oweos" can be used in many different ways. It can be used as words such as Bos, Boys, Nuts, Penis, basically anything and everything that is Weiss. (See Weiss in Urban dictionary)
Example: I like those fucken oweos
Meaning: I like that guys balls.

Example: Those fucken bos were being oweos, and I want to eat that fucken shit
Meaning: Those guy were being balls, I want to eat that stuff

Example: You are such a fucken oweos, and I am angry.
Meaning: First of all John why are you so mad? 2nd, You are such a f in ball, and I am in anger with you.
by Jonathan Benjamin Weiss December 15, 2007
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The act of being gay. Oweo is a relatively new word dating back to the year 2007 ala Suny Old Westbury Anthony Hall. The word was invented because of a certain individuals odd relationship towards the aforementioned word. This certain individual's name cannot be mentioned because of copyright and gay laws. It is important that you readers recognize that this certain individual was and is presently gay. Though he denies his past homosexual affairs, he calls them "drunken mistakes".
Guy 1: Hey Billy, you want to come play football with us?
Billy: No I don't think so.

One hour later...

Guy 1: Hey Billy, how come you didn't want to play football with us?
Billy: Well I was going to come but I stayed in and ate Oweos in my bed like a fat bitch

Guy 1: Yo Billy you don't like girls you like Oweos, Woweos, Moweos, and Oreos.
Billy: Oh your an asshole Guy 1
Guy 1: Not your asshole

by Nate Bodon April 03, 2008
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