Ovidiu is a Romanian name.
Hey, mate! What's your name?
Hey, I'm Ovidiu, how about you?
by Shiroi Shi November 2, 2021
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Ovidiu is not gay at all. He likes to pet dogs. A really big fan of memes, doesen't really like school but he is smart anyway.
Also described as funny.
Not good at games
Person 1: You lost at this game again?!
Person 2: Oh I know, I'm such an Ovidiu
by Sexanimalic June 4, 2019
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Is a Romanian guy that usually writes poems. He has a HUGE dick. It's a very respectable person that gets friendzoned like everyday. He's kind, sweet and cool. Unfortunately sometimes he thinks of turning gay because he's sick of the women's shit.
Karen:Hey, have you seen Ovidiu?
Andrew:He's probably home writing poems, beating his meat or deciding to turn gay or not.
by HzzmHsz January 10, 2018
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Romanian manipulating artist, using photo's and various editing software
Visit he's site for some worx
by rekhon October 26, 2004
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Expert giveaway winner, he always wins the giveaways, he has won over 100 giveaways, you won't win the giveaway if he is participating in it.
- Hey man did you win that giveaway?
- No, Ovidiu won again...
by Ovidex November 21, 2021
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Magnificent creature and probably gay. You'll never have a chance with an Ovidiu. Maybe in your dreams
He looks like an Ovidiu, get lost
by SclipiciSalbatic October 27, 2015
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The name Ovidiu is usually given to Romanian boys. People with this name tend to be smart,kind, thoughtful and stuff like. They also usually have good sexual parts and skills..
Ovidiu is the best "pleasurer" I know
by Dragon223 November 21, 2021
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