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Drinking alcohol above your pay grade, social class or the situation. Much like being over dressed.
Dude: Your Tee-shirt has ten holes in it, you could have bought a new shirt and two six packs for the the price of that one; you are totally over drinking.
by rm2001 May 22, 2010
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Sally: "What's wrong with you Ronnie? Did you over drink?"
Ronnie: "Do I look like I under drinked?!"
by Nicholas Roberts April 6, 2008
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They also call it OWD. When someone drinks to much water making themselves drown.
One day...Gabriella Richardson brought in her bottle of water to school as always,refilling it every 20 minutes,untill sudenly,on the last lesson she drown because of the OWD (Over Water Drink).
by Max Morell February 2, 2009
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