The opposite of Lobster Claw which is 4 fingers in the anus and 1 in the vagina. The Oven Mit is 4 fingers in the vagina with 1 in the anus.
"I heard Josh whipped out the Oven Mit last night."
"What a man."
by JARS April 1, 2008
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Four in the pink and the thumb in the stink.
I gave her all I had when she bent over so I oven mitted her.
by Hashoil September 6, 2008
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The act of grabbing or manipulating an object (i.e. Penis) inserted in an anus with one's hand or multiple fingers through the vaginal wall while said hand or fingers are inserted in the vagina.
I was oven mitting my boyfriend's cock during anal sex and i was fisting my pussy. I grabbed his cock through my pussy and started jerking him off while he was still balls deep in my ass.
by CPTFantasDick May 27, 2014
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when one has one hand inserted in the vagina and the other hand inserted in the ass, holding her in a doggy position and making her grab your favorite dish out the oven.
I had hands deep in both holes open my hands like a over mit her mouth opened as I pull my hands together her mouthed closed around my pie then I could pull back and take that God damn pie you been oven mitted bitch
by kiwimike May 9, 2019
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when shit is so hot, plumbers unclog your toilet wearing oven mits; a high level of coolness, radness
Peep diss new Brian (Austin) Green rap CD yo, shit's oven mits fo sho
by Scooter McFadden April 21, 2004
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A Japanese sexual fetish in which a woman gets fisted both vaginally and anally. Usually there is no sexual climax involved.
I hear Mr. Takanaka and his wife have quite a sex life.

Yes, I hear they 've even been practicing hiroshima oven mit.
by JpMan1955 May 16, 2016
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a phrase used when someone has a lot of lice so they flood into their kitchen, and into their oven mits
Oh, Flipping Flowers On Fidgetspinners

‘ you’ve got nits in your oven mits ’.
by i AM the silly August 10, 2023
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