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The act of doggy style, hitting it from the back ferociously, sliding up to the bumper in order to saddle up and ride. Other variations include pterodactyl and is based on doggy style. Phallus can be inserted into anus or vagina. True 39ing normally includes a great deal of screaming. Blood flow may ensue. 39ing never includes homosexuals queer(s) and faggot(s).
1. When Josh was 39ing Lexxe, he lifted the sheets and pulled a Pterodactyl, screaming like a deranged dinosaur and shooting his cum deep into her unprepared asshole while Thomas, stationed in the closet, videotaped while softly stroking his erect rod.
2. Stemp said, "Bob 39ed Mary so much, she required stitches to repair her demolished vagina."
by JARS December 03, 2006
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The art of placing stickers onto object such as STOP signs, Lamp posts, crosswalk signs, and any other available signs or wall. Also placed in subway trains, transportation buses, and on places of high traffic. Placing a slap tag on any other type of graffiti (spray paint tag, throwie, piece, or mural) is considered disrespect. Slap tags are usually drawn on label 228 of the USPS mailing labels, or printed by the tagger with his personal printer on paper with an adhesive side.
Benny drew his own slap tags and slapped them all around town. A nice way to get your name up fast.
by jars July 04, 2012
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A term for a type of oral sex that lasts at least 2 hours and includes extremely cautious and detailed oral contact. In order to perform or receive Brain Surgery, both parties must be well prepped, fed, and cleaned prior to the act.
"Dude, Josh is still in there getting brain surgery!"
"I know. I wonder if he's gonna make it."
by JARS November 30, 2007
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After the decline of the KKK and a several million dollar lawsuit against the group, the former members got together and formed the UKA, or United Klans of America. The organization is about 5000 strong currently and does not hold a huge force in current affairs. The organization is scattered and hopefully will grow back to a larger, more powerful group to oppose the Black Panthers and NAACP in a non-violent way. The group is not so much a racist society, but it is more interested in the well-being and betterment of white people everywhere.
1. Damn those Klansmen and the United Klans of America, they sure hate niggers.

2. Jasper: "Look here nigger. If anyone's gonna be havin' sex with my sister it's gonna be me!"

3. Pite Wower!
by JARS December 03, 2006
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