When Someone Says Something You Don't Agree With, Or Says Some Dumb Shit You Tell Them "Up Out My Face" Or "Up Out My Ear Drum"
"I'm Not Finna Rap W/ You, Out My Face!"
"Out My Ear Drum"
by PrettyGirl95 September 11, 2011
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Tony was dissing my Mom again and the next thing I knew he was on the floor with a split lip and a bloody nose. I musta come out my face!
by Blip11 July 15, 2014
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(variation: come out my face)
To get buck wild on someone, offensively. To explode on someone, get in their face.
"If she steps to me she better watch out cuz i'm gonna come all out my face at her"
by JCNY August 22, 2006
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get your face out my face, is a common phrase used to threaten or square up on sum bitch thats trynna fight
"hey back off,get your face out my face.okay dog?!"
"you're actually dumb,so just get your face out my face"
by choocieobtainer November 27, 2018
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It is the most cool way to say "Take a leave" or "get away"
In a busy day for Johnson

Dickson: Hey dude what's goi-
Johnson: Get out of my face chick!
And he got away
by Akasaka_Ryuunosuke December 21, 2015
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Something to say when someone is being rude or putting something in your face, and you want them to back off. Or when someone is coming on too strong with their attitude. Comes from the movie Nacho Libre starring Jack Black when his friend offers him a Corn-on-a-stick.
Hey buddy, check out this stupid thing on my phone...

Get that corn out of my face!
by Pendenga November 29, 2010
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