Slang for "sex", though it can have different meanings all depending on context.
For example, it can simply mean "penis".
"Man, that guy tried to cut off my otch!"
Or any sort of genitalia or act depending on context and word combinations.
"Man, that was the best otch ever last night...Heheheheh..."
"Good otch. ;)"
by TFE September 01, 2006
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Otherwise known as "otchling", is something you shout into the microphone over Xbox live or any other gaming communication system to confuse the hell out of the other players.

A word used to describe someone extremely stupid.
Dan: "Ugh, i left my keys in my car again"

Sam: "Way to go otch, now were screwed."

Player: "Stupid otch just took the banshee"
by iG SPYD3R September 22, 2010
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