The most legit, bad-ass adjective ever created. The use of this word correctly in a sentence instantly transforms the user into a flaming ball plasma until the sentence is over.
Voltron's mountain bike jump was so Orth he was obviously a member of the OMMT.
by Urban gavin September 7, 2014
Orth (v.): To become a social pariah by posting idiotic or polarizing comments on the internet.

Derived from the, as of April of 2013, recent onslaught of stupidity of former Microsoft executive Adam Orth over twitter in which he insulted critics, antagonized customers, dumped several tonnes of negative PR on his bosses desks, and generally failed at making nice-nice with the other schoolyard children.
"Man, he really Orthed that one didn't he?"
by Mr. Surtr April 12, 2013
THE matt orth is easly a hottie but you never say his first name... its always "orth"
omg "orth" please get me some taco shop!

Orth do u know how much i love you? your so gnar gnar!
by katie leigh December 20, 2004
A gay bitch who is fucking horrendous at fortnite and licks sack under a bridge every Wednesday morning.
Jesus Christ on a motorbike, you got downed by a no skin?? You are a real god damn Keegan orth, broke boy bitch.
by CupcakeDinosaur May 7, 2018
short for unorthodox.

sometimes spelled unorth.
Thigh-high snow boots and miniskirts used to be un-orth.
by julie bing January 23, 2005
A rude little girl. Who always curses. She used to be a goody-to-shoes, but now she's not.
by hcdoc May 22, 2017