Quite simply, one of the hottest pro gamers you will ever find on For Honor servers. I'd smash him
Yeah, I'd fuck Organic Water. Fax, no printer
by NobushixKensei January 28, 2022
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When you think of Organic Water you would normally think of water, but in reality he is a Homo-Sapien that indulges himself in the lower bracket of video-game quality. Some games that he has spent a large amount of time in is For Honor, Ark: Survival Evolved, New World, Monster Hunter World, and Rainbow Six Siege. All of these games quite simply suck, yet he continues to sink thousands of hours of his life into them. As a person however, I would like to say that he is a pretty great guy, but this is sadly not the case. He often exuberates large amounts of gayness, 'and should take a shower' - (Muckx 2021). On the bright-side though, his SMG-11 spray is decent and can hold his own in gunfights. He also has the ability to think of extremely creative insults, although these are not as good as they were in 2018-2019.
"ew who's that guy spooning in bed with that other guy?"
"that's Organic Water."
by Willo_ October 6, 2021
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