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Americans born during the Generation X and Generation Y (Millennial) overlap, generally 1977-1983. They can either be viewed as tail-end Generation Xers or very early Millennials, but some members prefer to be addressed as neither. Named after The Oregon Trail, an educational computer game fondly remembered by many born during these years. Also known as Xennials or Generation Catalano.
Person 1: "Are you a Millennial or Generation Xer?"
Person born in 1981: I'm part of the Oregon Trail generation.
by sega31098 October 25, 2017
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Those after generation x, but before millenials. Those who played Oregon trail in school computer class. Approx. born between 1981-1985
Jim is 31 and remembers having to write letters, when email was a novelty. He must be an Oregon Trail generation kid
by Gregruss May 19, 2016
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