A statement or opinion devoid of or contrary to logic. A statement made by a sophist or intellectual coward.
"black people commit more crimes because we determine crime to be that which black people do"? Nice orbism.
by Joe Teenwolf March 19, 2003
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A contractual obligation to be anally-violated by a donkey, signed under false pretences.
The donkey’s lawyers were relieved to find that their client possessed a copy of the orbism. With this, the victims had no case, despite their valid complaints.
by Phil. G. Meng June 18, 2003
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The amazing religion of the orb, the all seeing eye. Eyemen! Orbism has all of the things a good religion needs, nuns, a warshipable god, a reasonable set of rules, and the most reasonable of all…. Orbism has a believable story.

Core Beliefs:The All-Seeing Eye is the eternal and omniscient deity, watching over all aspects of existence.Followers of Orbism believe that the eye's constant gaze is a symbol of vigilance, truth, and enlightenment.The eye is seen as a neutral observer, not intervening directly in human affairs but guiding through subtle signs and revelations.Orbists emphasize the importance of introspection and self-awareness, as the eye symbolizes self-reflection and self-improvement.The Eye's tears are considered a symbol of compassion and empathy, encouraging followers to practice kindness and help those in need.
Practices Meditation: orbists practice meditation as a means to connect with the All-Seeing Eye and gain insight into their lives.
Observance: Followers believe in the significance of observing the world around them and interpreting everyday events as messages from the eye.
Rituals: There are annual rituals where Orbists gather to reflect on their actions and seek guidance from the eye through symbolic ceremonies.
Art and Symbolism: The eye is a central motif in orbist art, serving as a reminder of their deity's constant presence.
All hail the all seeing eye!
The all seeing eye?
Yeah the all seeing eye? Like orbism?
by Nymph✨ October 19, 2023
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An amazing religion that worships the all seeing eye, our god. Eyemen! (Merch coming soon)
All hail the orb!

What’s the orb?
You know? Orbism?
by Nymph✨ October 19, 2023
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