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Used like a synonym for phrase "fucked in the ass"
This therm first came out in early March '15 when dirty neckbeard moderator called Opusthefowl was so frustrated (who won't be, sitting his whole day on forum) that other people started to feeling the heat from his asshole.
Damn, dude I was opused so hard, that I can't come back for next 24 hours.

MadMat, please give OpusTheFowl some vacation time, he's been sitting here for last 4 years straight! And by now, has just opused the whole forum.
by tRollinpatrolin March 02, 2015
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according to whole unnamed forum, this word means something between "fucked in the ass", and "being provoked by the moderator", however it can just be used like "abuse of moderation"
Shit, the thread has been locked. I guess it has been opused.

User 1:
I haven't done nuttin, why I haz been banned?
User 2:
Don't worry, the Opus has "that time of the month", and you have been just opused.
by Opus's mother March 02, 2015
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