Something to never call Jeon Jungkook. He will get mad and tell you he's not your oppa.
by Aceisarainbow August 7, 2019
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Oppa is a word that is used for any hot older man like all the members of bts or any other Kpop male group
Me: oppa take me to the movies

Kim namjoon: ok baby
by All of bts is my bias June 28, 2019
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A Korean slang word, typically used to describe either your crush (like Japanese Senpai or Sempai ), or your celebrity crush. It informal cases, a girl would address her male best friend like this.
1) "Jiminie Oppa!"
2) Thanks, Jeongun-oppa
by ChimmyJoy March 13, 2019
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Brother,boyfriend,or any male person that is older than you
“Oppa can you please bring food afterschool
by Arttinaa October 31, 2019
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Oppa (오빠), a korean word, means older brother, and can be used for several things;

For a girl to call an older male, to imply she trusts them.
For a girl to call an older male, to show respect.
For a girl to call an older male, in a flirtatious way.

This word's meaning can often be mistaken by daddy instead of older brother. Although it can be used in a flirtatious way, it isn't a way to call someone "daddy".

Also is what many ARMYs call the members of the k-pop band, BTS. I'm assuming in a flirtatious way.
The member Jungkook (the youngest) has a great dislike for being called oppa.
Example 1:

Girl: Hey, oppa! Wanna hang out today?
Boy: Oh, sure.

Example 2:

Girl: Hey there, oppa~
Boy: *Flustered* ..oh, hi.

Bonus example:

Jungkook: *TRIGGERED* I A M N O T Y O U R O P P A
by smolbeanjungkook June 29, 2018
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