When a married couple decides to open their marriage, hence permitting the other partner to engage in sexual relations or emotional relations with additional partners, male or female. Usually the married couple is considered the "Primary Couple".

Sometimes having an open marriage includes having group sex with other married couples.

Open marriages always try to base their relationship on complete honesty and mutual respect. Open marriages are hard work and both partners must feel comfortable with the situation for it to able to work. Both partners involved in the primary relationship must be very mature and able to control jealousy.
Wilma and Joe are married. Wilma proposes to open their marriage to other sexual partners. Joe agrees.

Wilma starts fucking Gilbert and tells Joe. Joe gets turned on sometimes and jumps in bed with them. Joe in the meantime is also seeing Pablita and Maria and fucks them on a pretty regular basis.

Joe and Wilma have an Open Marriage.
by Pallonia January 29, 2009
A total oxymoron and falacy. An act of sexual immorality bewtween a married couple. When a married couple, due to their sexual deviancy, agrees to have multiple sex partners, i.e. a married couple agrees to cheat on each other. This is totally stupid and oxymoronic because the word marriage suggests monogamy. Thats why a couple gets married. If they do not want to practice monogamy and commitment, then why get married? I don't feel as though ANY marriage can surivive as an open marriage.
The term open marriage is the stupidest thing ever. It is impossible because it is not based on love and commitment but rather, immorality, selfishness and convenience.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com October 2, 2007