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An infomercial starring Opal Crankshaft. It is most often for exercise equipment but also for cooking or other "granny" products. The word is a mix of infomercial and Opal. Opal can often be seen skipping up and down on the set praising the products. Her grandson, Nelson, loves to watch Opalmercials. So, if you're looking for something to do at 4:30 am (PDT), click on the PIN Network for an Opalmercial - they are cute!
Opal: Hey Nelson, there's an Opalmercial on the TV. Wanna watch it?

Nelson: Sure! But we'll probably have to skip it. Its not that good.

Opal: Skip it? Of course we can skip it. Watch this! (she starts skipping down the hall with the remote in her hand)

Earl: What are you watching? Is that an Opalmercial? That's pretty cool. You love these, don't you?

Nelson: Yes. I love Opalmercials. Especially because they've got Gramma in them.

Earl: Well, what's she selling? Thunderbrushes? I bet its Thunderbrush.

Opal: I heard that! (she skips back down the hall to Earl) Aren't Opalmercials cute? Now, brush me fifty! (she winks at Nelson and they start skipping around the room) Opalmercials rock!
by Dusty's Baby Powder September 29, 2011
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