Incredibly Strong Marijuana, usually will make you choke off one puff/inhale.
I've Been Smoking that Ooh Wee.
I've Been Cheifing Blunts of that Ooh Wee.
by G-Fo March 3, 2005
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Rick: Ayee, Mr. Poopybutthole!
Mr. Poopybutthole: Ooh Wee!
by LBAdrian March 26, 2017
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Term used by a black guy who got his CRX pimped on "Pimp My Ride"
"das hot, oooohhh weeee"
by D-FO June 6, 2005
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1. A phrase commonly used following an act of stupidity or misfortune, surprising news either good or bad. 2. A phrase used on Saturday Night Live's Deep House Dish skit with Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg.
Frank: Did you hear about Brenda's skiing accident? She fell and broke her pelvis. Bert: Ooh wee T-Shane!
by lampshadelarry October 14, 2010
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