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Is used by Canadians to describe the people of Ontario. People who are from Ontario, but relocated to other, more friendly and sincere provinces also use this term. Concisely connotes a province of people beset by fake-friendliness, and a mentality hellbent on conformity above all else and a general intolerance for anyone that is not like them. One who will smile to your face and bad mouth you behind your back. Also used to connote a bigot or someone who hates and bad-mouths Americans, but spends half their lives in the US vacationing and shopping.
"Hey, where are you from?"
"I am from Onterrible. But I left there and so am now allowed to have a personality."
by auswayward January 27, 2014
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What people who aren't from Ontario call it. Mostly caused by extreme jealousy from other provinces who wish they were Ontario.

Ontario has tons of great lakes, cottage country, beer and hot women. The rest has shitty praries, freezing cold winters, and economies based on fossil fuels that will run out in about 5-10 years and put them back in the toilet where they used to be.
"Hey Steve, you going home for Christmas?" "Yeah, I'm flying back to Onterrible"
by A-Ron Vanderpoop February 24, 2010
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