The main character of the hit show GTO. He looks like a teenager. But he's a perv teacher
by Tidus Calabolg September 17, 2004
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Popular anime and manga series centered around the exploits of one Eikichi Onizuka, a musclebound blonde ex-biker gang member who decides he wants to become a high school teacher to win the 'hearts' of virgin schoolgirls. However, we quickly find out that he's really a tough guy with a heart of gold who wins over each and every student that tries to get him fired by using his street smarts to inspire them and rid them of their inner demons.
Tokyopop is taking forever to translate the GTO manga.
by Philip Gibbons August 30, 2004
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A Japanese product, available as an anime, manga, or drama, following the exploits of Eichi Onizuka. "GTO," as it is more commonly known, promotes drugs, sex, and the rights of teachers to beat up students. A true gem of society.
Have you seen that GTO? That's some great shit.
by Em February 7, 2003
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