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A word in some Japanesse animes "specificaly used by lolies" for "big brother"
"Big brother"(oni chan) Can you tuck me into bed"?
Big brother (oni chan) Can you help me out of the dryer"?
by Miku kinnie September 8, 2020
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A word typicaly used in Japanesse animes by younger female anime girls to their older brother or just by anoying weeaboos who think they know the whole damn language.
"Oni Chan (big brother) can you make me a glass of milk?"
"Oni Chan (big brother) can I watch TV with you"
by Miku kinnie September 8, 2020
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A Japanese mating-call that is often used in Hentai.
Hit me harder oni-chan!!!
by redrenagade February 3, 2017
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This term is used in Japanese hentai normally filming a young child with a fold man this man is ready to have sexual intercouse with the young child (which in the west is considered pedophile) this man is then told “oni chan I have a dick” normally the man is not phased by this and goes in for the tight pum.
Oh oni chan I have dick if you forget

The man below is a know sex offender
by Dengplural December 9, 2019
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